A Master's Approach to the Art and Practice of Clinical ECG Interpretation

Published by Cardiotext Publishing, Podrid’s Real-World ECGs are recognized as the most detailed case-based workbooks available for learning ECG interpretation. Combined with optional interactive material at RealworldECGs.com, students and physicians have a unique resource for developing the technical skills and systematic approach needed to interpret ECGs with confidence. ECGs from real patient cases offer an in-depth learning experience by focusing on fundamental electrophysiologic properties and clinical concepts as well as detailed discussion of important diagnostic findings and relevant management decisions.

6 print volumes encompass 648 individual cases—plus the online repository of over 300 additional interactive case studies that include feedback and discussion about the important waveforms and clinical decision-making involved.

Practice online and learn the art of ECG interpretation:

  • A database of more than 300 interactive case-based ECGs that focus on fundamental electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic principles and clinical concepts.

  • All cases have Q&A that include feedback and discussion about the important findings and clinical issues involved - ECG diagnosis, clinical diagnosis and management decisions.

  • Search cases by ECG diagnosis.

  • Choose basic, medium or advanced level of difficulty.

  • View unannotated and annotated tracings - and compare side-by-side.

  • Zoom-in functionality.

  • Interpret ECGs in random fashion or focus attention on a specific topic.


"Dr. Philip Podrid is known worldwide as an expert in electrocardiography. He is also a superb teacher. When you combine his input with beautiful ECGs, not surprisingly, you will have a series of “Real-World ECG’s” that demonstrate the art and practice of clinical ECG interpretation as only a real master can do."

From the Foreword by Hein J.J. Wellens, MD